Skills Development Programme and Career Services

Students are encouraged to keep Skills Development Portfolios. The portfolio is always updated during or just after completion of any kind of work being it voluntary or paid. This helps the students to keep up to date with the skills they have acquired and which ones they may need to improve further in the future or where they can get assistance to improve certain skills set. I regularly check the student's Skills Development Portfolio to assist them in improving certain skills. Both hard and soft skills are critical to any career path.

Some of the Skills expected in the Student's Skills Development Portfolio include: Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Time management, Critical thinking, Decision-making, Organizational, Stress management, Negotiation, Project Management, Working autonomously, Networking, Collaboration, Lateral thinking, Creativity, Innovation and Flexibility, Drive and Determination/Motivation, Interpersonal skills, Self-direction, Confidence and assertiveness, Business/commercial awareness, Initiative, Perseverance, Data collection and analysis, Adaptability, Conflict management, Leadership, Analytical thinking, IT skills, Creativity, Resourcefulness, Persuasion, and Openness to criticism and many others.

Reflections on each of the Job Experience

In each of the jobs, whether it was career, academic or continuing professional developments, the following reflections should help the student to check and maximise progress in their chosen career path;

  1. What exactly did I do this week or this month?

  2. What did I like?

  3. What did I dislike?

  4. What did I learn?

  5. What skills did I develop?

  6. Have I achieved what I set out to achieve?

  7. Is there anything getting in the way of what I want to achieve? What can I do to get round it?

  8. Have I developed skills or learnt about areas of work that I didn’t plan for?

  9. What skills or knowledge do I still need to develop?

  10. What opportunities can I take advantage of to progress my development or develop more/new skills?

  11. What can I do now in this skill area that I couldn’t do previously or what can I do now because I have built upon this strength?

  12. What worked well? Why?

  13. What difficulties did I encounter?

  14. How did I overcome these difficulties?

  15. What do I want to be able to do in the future but cannot do now? How will I achieve this in the future?

Dr Katete also post regularly available internship opportunities for students on the Internships Section. Please check this section for current available opportunities. Dr Katete is in a habit of talking to industries to offer internships to students.

Please feel free to talk to Dr Katete on Career Guidance. Some career services will be available on this page in the near future, these include job postings locally and internationally and training opportunities.