Dr. Rodrick S. Katete Administrative Duties     

BSc, BSc with Honours (Wits, RSA), MPhil, Ph.D. (Sheff., UK), Postdoctoral Research Fellow (University of Cape Town, RSA), Assoc. Prof. of Biology and Medical Microbiology, B/C, A/HoD (Texila American Uni, ZM), General Biochemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry Lecturer, Executive Dean of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MK Uni. ZM), Molecular Cell Biology, Medical Virology Lecturer (Levy Mwanawasa Medical University, ZM), Adjunct Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lecturer, Clinical Chemistry and Medical Chemistry Lecturer (Mzuzu University, MW). 

Dr. Katete worked as the  Executive Dean and Senator of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mukuba University, managing Eight (8) Departments (Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, (Geography, Environment and Climate Change), Agricultural Sciences, (Science Entrepreneurship and Management) and Computer Science and Information Systems). He also served in various university/school committees/Task Teams such as the SMNS Staff Development Fellow (SDF) Committee, School Board of Advisors, School Board of Examiners, School Board of Studies, School Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee, SMNS Appointments and Promotions Committee, SMNS Budget Committee, Laboratories and Projects Management Task Team, Academic Development Committee, University Strategic Plan Committee, and Staff Development Committee. The SMNS remains the fastest-growing School at Mukuba University in terms of the number of programs, departments, collaborations, research groups, research grants, consultancies, academic publications, innovation projects, entrepreneurship, and students.

During his deanship tenure, Dr. Katete established various School Committees and Task Teams, Research Groups, the Appointment of the School Research Coordinator, the Refurbishment of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry laboratories, and established of the Agriculture Research Station. He played an important role in creating the Memorandum of Understanding between Mukuba University and Osaka Metropolitan University, the largest public university in Japan. He initiated the Memorandum of Understanding between Mukuba University and various private companies. Dr. Katete oversaw the creation of the A-Level Centre at Mukuba University and supported the establishment of the Centre for Professional and Extension Studies. He was actively involved in establishing the Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences (IBHS) at Mukuba University. The Institute has six departments; 

The Institute offers programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. All the programs in the IBHS were either accredited or are undergoing accreditation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council Of Zambia or the Health Professions Council of Zambia, and meet ZAQA and HEA requirements. 

Dr. Katete resigned from the Executive Dean position and all university committees to concentrate on research, consultancy, and academia on 4th October 2021. 

Dr. Rodrick S. Katete was appointed a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lecturer at Mzuzu University on 5th October 2022. 

Dr. Rodrick S. Katete was appointed as a Batch Coordinator for first-year students and later as an Assistant Head of the Department at Texila American University. He also sat on the University Disciplinary Committee during his tenure at Texila American University - Zambia. 

Dr. R. S. Katete plans to do an MBA in Risk Management and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Katete oversaw the accreditation of programs with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in all Departments of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Mukuba University. He aimed to get medical and health professional-related programs accreditation with regional and global accreditation bodies, and all the labs to meet the Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence (ISO 15189:2012)

He developed over 30 programs, as listed below:

1.      BSc in Biochemistry

2.      MSc in Biochemistry

3.      Ph.D. in Biochemistry


4.      BSc in Microbiology and Biotechnology

5.      MSc in Microbiology and Biotechnology

6.      Ph.D. in Microbiology and Biotechnology


7.      BSc in Medical Genetics and Cell Biology

8.      MSc in Medical Genetics and Cell Biology

9.      Ph.D. in Medical Genetics and Cell Biology


10.   BSc in Biophysics

11.   MSc in Biophysics

12.   Ph.D. in Biophysics


13.   MSc in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing

14.   Ph.D. in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing


15.  BSc in Biotechnology

16.  MSc in Biotechnology

17.  Ph.D. in Biotechnology


18.  BSc in Medical Biochemistry

19.  MSc in Medical Biochemistry

20.  Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry


21.  BSc in Medical Microbiology

22.  MSc in Medical Microbiology

23.  Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology


24.   The Pre-medicine and Allied Health Professionals Foundation Programme


25. BSc Forensic Biology 


26. BSc Biology 

27. MSc Biology

28. Ph.D. Biology 


29. BSc Molecular Biology

30. MSc Molecular Biology

31. Ph.D. Molecular Biology


32. BSc Industrial Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

33. MSc Industrial Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship 

34. Ph.D. Industrial Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship