Postgraduate Curriculum

Dr Katete has personally developed the following postgraduate programmes, please feel free to ask for programme copy:

  1. MSc in Biochemistry

  2. PhD in Biochemistry

  3. MSc in Microbiology and Biotechnology

  4. PhD in Microbiology and Biotechnology

  5. MSc in Medical Genetics and Cell Biology

  6. PhD in Medical Genetics and Cell Biology

  7. MSc in Biophysics

  8. PhD in Biophysics

  9. MSc in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing

  10. PhD in Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing

  11. MSc in Biotechnology

  12. PhD in Biotechnology

  13. MSc in Medical Biochemistry

  14. PhD in Medical Biochemistry

  15. MSc in Medical Microbiology

  16. PhD in Medical Microbiology

  17. MSc Biology

  18. PhD Biology

  19. MSc Molecular Biology

  20. PhD Molecular Biology

  21. MSc Industrial Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

  22. PhD Industrial Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship